Mark Kear

I'm an Assistant Professor in the School of Geography, Development & Environment at the University of Arizona. My research explores the variegated landscape of experimentation in the financial borderscapes of urban development, housing, and consumer finance. You can find my work in Antipode, Urban Geography, the Journal of Cultural Economy, Economic Geography, Economy and Society, Competition and Change, here[hyper link] on this website, and a variety of other places.

I graduated in 2015 from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, but over the course of the last decade I've researched, visited or taught at the University of Toronto, York University (both in my hometown) as well as UC Berkeley.  My research employs a variety of methods with goal of using quantitative techniques complement the primarily qualitative orientation of my work.

My research focuses on three overlapping areas of scholarship: (i) the role of financial markets and products in the regulation of poverty in advanced capitalist societies, (ii) the financing of urban development in credit-constrained US cities, and (iii) manufactured housing as a finance-housing assemblage.  What unifies these areas of research is an interest the development and reform of financial markets to ameliorate inequalities related to reduced state funding for housing, welfare and urban development, and the associated redistribution of responsibility and risk to municipalities and individual households. This emphasis on financial innovation and the development of new markets has drawn my attention to the “edges” of the financial system – to places and people for whom credit is scarce. I treat these financial market “peripheries” as financial borderscapes: growing zones where new risks and uncertainties are managed through improvised repertoires of financial products and practices that map poorly onto traditional binary categories of “mainstream” and “fringe”, “formal” and “informal”, and “public” and “private”. Our exploration these borderscapes is oriented around three objects: subjects, housing technologies and institutional forms.

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I’m also an avid cyclist love to hike around Southern Arizona with my family.


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